Honouring the Strength of Women Worldwide: International Women's Day 2024 - Lia's Journey

Q: Tell us about when & how your fitness journey began.

A: I never really had a fitness regime before last year. I was having a conversation with my specialist and was complaining how after having 3 kids I just couldn’t shift the bulge around the tummy. No matter what I did. I know I shouldn't be self conscious but being human we have emotions and it was making me feel uncomfortable especially wearing certain pieces of clothing. My specialist recommended I do either reformer Pilates or yoga to strengthen my core. I tried both and instantly fell in love with Pilates (now also incorporating strength and hot mat) but still had the feeling of being uncomfortable wearing my baggy clothes and looking at all the pretty outfits and sets and girls wearing their crop tops and high wasted leggings/shorts. In steps Otilia Peros with Hermosa Athletica, the very first day I wore my set. My instructor said to me "Lia, you ditched the mum wear? Good on you" and this comment, just made me feel seen and I no longer wanted to hide behind my baggy tops and pants but feel confident and proud of no matter what shape or body type, my Hermosa Athletica gave me the courage to try something different and it was the best thing I could have done for my confidence. 


Q: What is your favourite physical activity and why?

A: At the moment, that would be my hot mat strength Pilates. You could argue it isn’t very physical but when you add your dash of cardio to it and see the difference. I also loved to play netball pre kids. I feel like this is my time to spend on myself and do something that is good for my body. I am moving parts that I would never usually if just sitting at home and meeting a community of like minded girls at the same time!

Q: Where are you at today in your health & fitness journey and how has this impacted your life?

A: I feel like I am working towards better health and fitness and maybe half way there. I am dedicated to my Pilates classes and make sure they are pre booked 2 weeks in advance. I find pre booking them actually makes me go as I have committed. I am working on my health. Wanting to eat better, drink more water.  Better health and fitness has helped me be less tired and has given me more energy especially with all the running around I do with the kids.

Q: What are your tips for busy women who are the beginning of their health & fitness journey?

A: Prebook is my biggest tip and start small. I started 2-3 times per week and have scaled it to 4-5 sessions. Weekends and nights are a no go for me so I either go first thing in the morning before anyone gets up or over my lunch break when working from home. If you want to do this, you will find a way. Where there is a will there is a way!


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