Honouring the Strength of Women Worldwide: International Women's Day 2024 - Di's Journey

Q: Tell us about when & how your fitness journey began.

A: My fitness journey started with running about 20 years ago when I was I was in my 40s, and surf boat rowing. I progressed to triathlon, Ironman triathlon, mountain biking and endurance events that pushed you to just keep moving forward.

Q: What is your favourite physical activity and why?

A: I enjoy a variety of activities, I have been in the aquatic industry for about 25 years, I teach swimming, coaching, running remote pools, everything!

Q: Where are you at today in your health & fitness journey and how has this impacted your life?

A: I've always been into fitness after I started rowing. I've since become a Personal Trainer with my own business, focusing on women entering peri menopause. I absolutely love helping women get active!

Q: What are your tips for busy women who are the beginning of their health & fitness journey?

A: I'm currently training for my 4th bodybuilding competition. I walk the walk, talk the talk. and I love to show women that anything is possible. I'm 65 years old but age is just a number and nobody told me to act my age!

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