Honouring the Strength of Women Worldwide: International Women's Day 2024 - Dagmar's Journey

Q: Tell us about when & how your fitness journey began.

A: I've always been a mover. From childhood sports with my dad, fond memories of him teaching me how to swim, be a fast runner, dabbled in a bit of basketball and rollerblading. My Journey led me to a passion for weight training towards the end of high school. Fast forward to my mid-20s when running took centre stage. In my 30s, a hamstring injury steered me towards Bikram hot yoga and that was 22 years ago, I still love it today. 

Q: What is your favourite physical activity and why?

A: Hot yoga and Pilates is my favourite activity and I now teach it as well. March 20th marks two decades of spreading the yoga and Pilates vibes - empowering and uplifting women and men through Pilates and yoga has been my secret sauce. 

Q: Where are you at today in your health & fitness journey and how has this impacted your life?

A: Practicing and teaching yoga and Pilates has kept be fit and strong through kids, menopause and all the twists and turns life throws at you.

Q: What are your tips for busy women who are the beginning of their health & fitness journey?

A: Ditch overthinking, take baby steps, consistently return after breaks (life happens) and be present and conscious in your progress. Your health is your greatest asset. Sometimes you can give 100% other times you can only give 50% and that's perfectly fine.  They key is to keep coming back!

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